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Newday Summer Farmer's Market

By Agape Hammond – Parker, Colorado … The line is already forming and the produce hasn’t even arrived. This is a common experience at Newday Adventist church free farmer’s market.

Individuals line up ahead of the 2 p.m. opening to ensure they get a bag of the fresh fruits and veggies. With a smile and a “thank you for coming,” everyone is greeted warmly and they leave with what might be their only fresh produce that week.

This summer marks Newday’s fourth annual Free Farmer’s Market. It has taken three years of dedication to build relations with the community and to gain traction for the event.

During the first few years of the Free Farmer’s Market, it took hours to give the produce away. Often, volunteers went door to door to make sure those who needed it received the fresh fruits and veggies being offered. Now, there is a line when volunteers arrive each week. Currently serving approximately fifty families per week, Newday volunteer Shawna Sajdak commented, “We are seeing more and more families coming and [we] look forward to serving them as the summer progresses.”

The gathering includes young families and the elderly who sometimes need a little help taking their bags home.

What makes the weekly market so important? For Newday members and volunteers, it’s hearing the words from the community, “You don’t know how much this helps. Thank you for what you are doing.”

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